27 Nelson Road planning application for a 12 bed Hostel by Stonepillow

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27 Nelson Road planning application for a 12 bed HMO / Hostel by Stonepillow
The Residents Concern.

One concern to us is that the yellow notices went up 2 weeks after the application was approved, robbing the neighbourhood of 2 of the 5 weeks it has to respond.

But the main concern is the potential for increased crime and the subsequent inevitable deterioraton of the neighbourhood.

In the application the proposers state that 'a similar house has been running for five years in the middle of Chichester'.

A copy of a flyer the dropped into a couple of neighbouring hoses can be viewed here.

There is no information anywhere to indicate the actual location of this site if it does exist. The nearest equivalent to the proposal is their site at Hunston Road PO20 1NP which is not in the middle of Chichester. It is on the B2145 in a field next to a lake on the south side of the A27.

The statement goes on to say 'with no adverse issues from the neighbourhood or community as a whole'. That is because there isn't one there. However it would appear that there have been 12 incidences of crime as reported on the police.uk website ranging from anti-social behaviour, theft, criminal damage, public order, burglary and violence and sex crime in the last 12 months at the post code of their Hunston Road site.

Considering their Hunston Road site is where it is the crime rate is very high for its location, with, I imagine, even more crime going unreported having spoken to local anglers who have suffered theft, aggression and anti-social behaviour while fishing the Ivy and West Trout lakes, but I hazard all directly attributable to the sites existence and the types of people who are allowed to reside there or have queued to get in of an evening and failed.

The concern about crime is further reinforced as the charity do have a drop in site in Chichester at the Old Glass House St Cyriacs PO19 1AJ but this closes at 17.00 so is not overnight accommodation. The police.uk website suggests 27 crimes in St Cyriacs in the last 12 months.

The charity also have a recovery service in Bognor Regis at 21-23 Canada Grove PO21 1DW. The police.uk website suggests 30 crimes at Canada Grove in the last 12 months.

The proposing charity also have a Hostel & Hub at Glenlogie House, Clarence Road Bognor Regis PO21 1JT. The police.uk website suggests 42 crimes in the last 12 months.

111 crimes in the last 12 months that are potentially attributable to the presence to the Stonepillow sites.

By contrast there were just 2 reported crimes in Nelson Road during the last 12 months according to the police.uk website, despite the already high density of development and population referred to earlier which supports what a quiet law abiding area Nelson Road currently is.